Saturday, April 12, 2008


It is said that Nadam is the first thing created by God and it is the basis for Music.

Though Nadam and Sound seems to mean one and the same but there is difference between them if viewed from Music point of view.. Sound sometimes create disturbance in the mind of the listeners and it can be called noise. Whereas , Nadam generates joy.

Nadam are of two kinds. They are Ahatha Nadam and Anahatha Nadam. Nadam produced by the effort of man is called Ahatha Nadam and that which is natural is called Anahatha Nadam. Anahatha Naham are experienced by Yogis .Sound produced by Musical Instruments, Singing are all fall under the category of Ahatha Nadam.

We understand from scriptures that Trimoortis – Brahma, Vishnu , and Maheswara are always engaged in Music. Hence practicing and worshiping of Music is as good as worshiping Trimoortis.

Nadam can be divided as follows:

1] Nadam produced by the vocal chord.
2] Nadam produced by string instruments by plucking.
3] Nadam produced by string instruments by bowing.
4] Nadam produced by percussion instruments
5] Nadam produced by wind instruments.
6] Nadam produced by Electrical and Electronic instruments .

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