Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purpose Of This Blog

This Blog contains two parts. The first one being on Carnatic Music and the second part being on Photography as an Art form.

Many of my friends used to approach me and ask doubts on Carnatic Music. As a Veena Teacher, I feel it is my duty to clear their doubts and make them happy and I strongly believe this as a service to the world of Music. Interestingly, most of them are Rasikas and have no chance for formal training in Carnatic Music, still having lot of interest.It is hoped that this Blog on Music appreciation – not going too technical- still help them acquire sufficient knowledge to appreciate and enjoy Music.

After the advent of Digital Technology, Photography has become very popular among all section of hobbyists. In this segment, it is proposed to discuss about Photography as an Art form,utilizing the host of facilities available with the Digital gears.

This blog is an offering at the Lotus Feet of our Gurumaharaj His Holiness Swami Shanthanand Saraswathi .

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