Friday, May 23, 2008


Music is considered a language by itself and is of emotions and feelings. Moreover, it is universal too. This is the reason , we are able to enjoy music of any country.

Music has got no geographic boundary nor color or creed. Music composed specifically for instruments have no language and is equqlly enjoyable.

Of course, the songs are composed in many languages to convey messages, feelings and emotions. The lyrics sung with appropriate Ragam enhances the beauty of the Music as a whole.

In Carnatic Music, Alapana and Thanam has no language in it. The syllables used have no meaning, such as, “tThe a, da, ri, nam, thom” for Raga Alapana and “anamtha, taanamtha, tananna, tanamna etc”., for Thanam singing. Raga Alapana and Thanam are played or sung with the above syllables for song of any language .

singing or playing of Raga Alapana or Thanam,for songs is entirely the chose of the artist.

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