Saturday, June 14, 2008


Going to a Music concert is one of the joyful moments for music lovers.For an individual, the significance in attending a concert anchors on many factors like his favorite artist, venue of the concert, theme, occasion and so on.It is a fact that attending a live concert in an auditorium or other music venue has got many interesting and educative points for appreciation.

Many music Rasikas who want to appreciate music in a real sense, attend the concert with open mind , whoever be the artist or accompaniment. Of course, they will collect all information about artists beforehand. This will give him a variety of musical input he is thriving for. The main advantage of attending live Musical concert is that the audience can witness the artists in their full capacity who show their talent in manaodarma which is the vital factor, as there is no time restriction in rendering musical pieces.

Since the main aim for a Rasika is to appreciate Music, he will arrive at the venue in advance and occupy seat in such a way that he can see all the artists clearly.

It is interesting to enjoy the artists way of communication among themselves during the concert by their body language and gestures.

Some of the areas in which a Carnatic Music Concert can be enjoyed and appreciated are:
* Song Selection- whether it is thematic or the way it matches with occasion.
* Major Ragam handled for extensive Raga Alapanai and Swara Prasthara.
* Seating arrangements of the artists on the stage.
* Language of the songs selected.
* Whether the songs are popular or Apoorva and their composers.
* Whether the Ragas are popular or Apoorva
* The first song, Major Raga and song to which Thani Avarthana takes place, end pieces or Thukkadas , the last song.
* Number of songs.
* The Guru of the artists.
* Clarity of pronunciation.
* Attire of the artists.
* Stage lighting and sound arrangements.
* Time of the day of the concert.
* Going through review in news papers and periodicals.

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