Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Self Learning

There are many rasikas who make all out effort to self-learn Carnatic Music. Normally they select Keyboard for the purpose. The host of self learning facilities available with Keyboard attracts them to choose it.

After trying a song several times , they are normally dissatisfied with their result . We come across several people with their frustration. The main grievances they express is that, the tune they play does not sound similar to what they expect.

At this juncture, the rasikas are to understand the basic principles of Carnatic Music that , it is not that playing with 12 Swaras or pressing 12 Keys of the Keyboard of the Octave attempting to bring Music.

The melody or the tune or roughly the Ragam are to contain Gamakas[ Recommended method and style of oscillating Swaras ], Anuswaras [ an auxiliary Swara heard faintly and attached to the main Swara] and with proper Sruthistahana [ subdivision of a Swara].

There are 10 varieties of Gamakas, and 22 Sruthisthanas in an Octave. It should be understood the limitation of the instruments to play the above nuances.

There is no means to write down the these infinitesimal details either and also it is to be understood that the Music is language of emotions and feelings. It has to be experienced.

Hence, these finer points are to be learnt through a Guru... Therefore Carnatic Music is Guru Muki Vidhya.

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