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Musical Instruments occupy an important position in field of Carnatic Music. It is to be noted that selected Instruments only are in strong position in the world of Carnatic Music. Since Carnatic Music is Krithi based art form,Kritis are played in Musical Instruments too, similar to Vocal rendition.. Of course, the Monodharma component of the Music are introduced at appropriate places during the concert. One cannot expect exact reproduction of Voice in the Musical Instrument playing and vice versa. Both styles are having their own individuality which are fine and graceful on their own. As mentioned earlier, Carnatic Music is Kriti based, Vocal rendition or Instrument playing are combined with Alapana, Niraval, Swara Kalpna , which are Monodarma or impromptu improvisation component of the Music.

Some of the instruments are played as main instrument in the concerts and some are as accompaniments only. There are some instrument which are played as both main and accompaniment ones.

The Musical Instruments are classified as:

            String Instruments
            Wind Instruments
            Percussion Instruments
            Other types of Instruments.

String Instruments: Veena, Violin, Chitra Veena,Guitar, Mandolin Thambura
Wind Instruments: Nadaswaram,Clarionet, Saxophone,Flute, Mukaveeana
Percussion Instruments: Mrudangam, Kanjeera, Ghatam,Thavil
Other Types of Instruments: Jalatharangam,Cymbal,[Konnakaol]

Other types of Instruments: Jalatharangam, Morsing, [Konnakol]

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