Monday, August 11, 2008

Kritis or Songs Part 2

Further study on Kritis or Songs of Carnatic Music are quite interesting by concentrating on the structure of them composed by various Vaageyakaras. A point to be noted here is that there are several melodic patterns of songs in one Ragam. Therefore it becomes all the more important to listen to many songs in a particular Ragam composed by various Vaageyakaras, which provides one the opportunity to study various melodic pattern of the Ragam in question.

Moreover,the duration of time rendered by various Artists or the same Artist on various occasions of particular song is not the same.

This may be due to;

1] Number of Sangathis rendered for each line of the song
2] Depends on complexity of Niraval and/or Swaraprasthara
3] The tempo selected for rendering the song

There are Kritis of lengthy lyrics but minimum Sangathis

Also the duration of a Kriti depends on the Tala to which it is composed.

Normally, the kritis in Carnatic music are rendered in the Ragam it is composed by the Vaageyakaras, of course, with exemptions.

Regarding Dasara Padagalu or Devar Namas of Sri Purandara Dasa, Kanaka Dasa, Jagannatha Dasa, Vijaya Dasa and others certain songs are sung in various Ragas.

Moreover many songs are rendered in Hindustani style as well.

Therefore, the Rasikas are expected to appreciate Carnatic Music in whichever form it is presented without getting confused.

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