Friday, September 19, 2008

Joy of Singing / Joy of Playing Musical Instruments

Joy of Singing / Joy of Playing Musical Instruments.

It is common to observe Rasikas humming or singing music for the joy of it. Sometimes they reach a point where their music may sound exotic to themselves and keep trying to correct in several possible ways. The point where they get struck up may be on the lyrics or the Raga or tune or unable to reach the note they want to sing, may be in higher pitch or lower .They try these exercises by listening to the recording of their favorite artists.

Here, the Rasika who has not got formal training in music, still having lot of interest ,has to remember that they are expected not to imitate or copy 100 percent , the style of their favorite artists. But learning from the recording and singing in the Rasikas own style is a healthy way of enjoying and appreciating Carnatic music. Here , ones own /unique style will settle in after regular practice observing the basic rules of music

Here again, one more important point to remember is the Sruthi of the recordings of ones favorite artist which not necessarily the one the Rasika can sing with. He may learn lyrics ,Melody from the recordings of the artists and try to sing back , including number of Sangathis,to his ability and capacity keeping the guide lines in mind which has been laid down by eminent musicians over the years since, adhering to the tradition or Sampradhaya is a prerequisite in Carnatic Music.

The Rasikas must understand that his favorite artist has had regular and systematic training, intense practice and experience before releasing the recordings.

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